Kanchenjunga Region

Kanchenjunga, at 8586m is the world’s third highest mountain and lies on the border with Sikkim Eastern Nepal is generally more developed than western Nepal and more prosperous. This is due in part to the more favorable climate with its higher rainfall and in part to the employment of many Rai and Limbu people in the Gorkha regiments and the income and ideas such experiences bring in. Rugged terrain however means that mountain areas are especially remote. br/> br/> This area is rich in biodiversity especially the butterflies and other insects in the upper Arun Valley and the stunning rhododendrons of the Milke Danda stunning forests and wild paths at lower altitudes. High mountain passes and trekking on glaciers in the immense space of the sparsely inhabited but stunning northern reaches warm hospitality of Sherpa, Limbu, Rai and Lhomi communities.Rai and Limbu culture; one classic to try is the local drink Tongba, fermented millet seeds to which you add hot water and sip from a wooden pot through a straw