Popular Rivers in Nepal

Nepal’s “River of Gold” originates near Mt. Shisha Pangma in Tibet and runs eastward in Nepal through the great Mahabharat Lekh Range. Sunkoshi is one of world’s class river for world class rafters; always challenging with roller coaster rapids of great excitement and thrills. The warm waters of the Sunkoshi river surges 270km. between the roads. The Holy river to the Hindus as it flows into the River Ganges. Although extreme in adventure, inexperienced rafters can enjoy the river when the water level is low.

Probably the most popular river rafting in Nepal, the Trishuli River starts north-west of Kathmandu and flows south and then south-west to Mugling. You glide through the calm stretches of water with plenty of smooth roller coaster rapids. The camp on the warm beaches near the jungles will be an unique experience. The Trishuli River is relatively easy - good for inexperienced rafters to experience the true excitement on the river.

The Karnali river is Nepal’s mightiest and longest of all rivers, descending through the Himalayas in a magnificent gorges to the Terai plains. The porters will carry all our equipments for two days as we trek along the narrow trails to the “Great Loop” of the Karnali. The Karnali river provides rafters fly through spectacular landscapes and narrow gorges and down to some of the most challenging rapids in the world. The Karnali is also renowned as one of the Nepal’s premier fishing river with mashers, a form of fresh water porch and giant catfish. If you are looking for a wild rafting experience, this is the journey for you.

The Kali Gandaki, named after the goddess Kali, rises in Mustang. Turbulent rapids intertwine with abrupt drops as we dodge our way down intricate chutes of sparkling water. Village terraces cling precariously to the slopes and surreal snow capped peaks hang suspended above us as we drift through the world’s deepest gorge. Being one of the holiest rivers in Nepal every junction of Kali Gandaki is dotted with cremation sites and above ground burial mounds.

Marsyangdi means “Raging River” in the native dialect and this aptly describes one of the best white water runs in the world. Following the Annapurna circuit, we trek along the valley through charming Gurung villages and emerald fields. Featuring the impressive non-stop grade 4-5 rapids and unparalleled mountain views, this level of a river is rated as a favorite for paddlers. Few river rival the Marsyangdi for exhilarating white water, and sustained section of steep technical rafting test.

Nepal’s wildest short rafting trip. If you have limited time or just the desire for an adrenaline overload, this is the river for you. Dodging down intricate routes, our rafts thrust through, often with only inches to spare in the constricted chutes. The raft bucks wildly through the foaming fury, accompanied by shrieks of approval from the crew. Explore and enjoy the grandeur of the borderlands as we carve our way through the rugged mountains. A trip down the Bhote Kosi can be the unique experience of a lifetime.

Easy raft where the white water is less challenging, but the scenery and wilderness are no less spectacular, can be run on the Seti river. Flowing blue and warm, the Seti River runs through the isolated wilderness of contorted limestone gorges, forests and small rapids.

In the east of Nepal, the snows of Kanchenjunga feed a challenging less known cousin of the Sun Kosi. The Tamur combines one of the best short Himalayan treks, offering amazing mountain views with an exhilarating river experience. At Dobhan, the three main tributaries of the Tamur join their forces, combining the racing river to the north. The rapids on the Tamur are unrivaled and the river is a white water delight with one rapid leading into the next.